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Mozillianin od 6 lat Jul 2013
Zagreb, City of Zagreb, Croatia
03:35 Europe/Zagreb
IRC : nikola

Nikola Henezi


Sofware engineer, computer scientist and mathematician involved with Mozilla since 2013 as contributor to Kuma and Gaia.

Rep since 2014.


croatia, mdn


haskell, javascript, nodejs, python


Angielski, Chorwacki


Zewnętrzne konta


  • Ziggy Maes

    I vouch for Nikola because he has done some outstanding work helping out with the organization of several Mozilla recognized events, most notably his contributions during the Mozilla Festival in 2014. He has proven to be a volunteer Mozilla can rely on.

  • Dejan Strbad

    Nikola is active member of local Croatian community, involved in preparations for FirefoxOS launch events (developers events).

    As well, Nikola is contributing to Kuma (MDN) project as you can see from his GitHub account,

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