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Belgrade, Central Serbia, Serbia
06:08 Europe/Belgrade

Ivan Jelić


Mozilla user from the ages when all apps were coming together. I know Firefox when it was Phoenix. Thunderbird saved my life couple of times. Hoping that B2G will be the best thing that happened to mobile.

Working on bringing technology to people, making good products with great teams. Very into mobile, a lot into online services, never stopped being into HTML/CSS and GNU/Linux terminal magic. Technical director of the Web department at

Writing about technology from time to time, for love.

Long-time Free Software activist and evangelist. Loving it because it loves me back.




Angielski, Serbski



  • Brian King

    Ivan did a fantastic job as tech lead during the Firefox OS launch in Serbia and continues to be a great ally with his deep roots in the tech industry there and beyond. Thank you Ivan!

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