5 jaar Mozillian Aug 2013
Secunderabad, Telangana, India
10:47 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : @sumanth

Sumanth Damarla

Mozilla Rep | Moz Tech Speaker | Security Evangelist


Tech Evangelist and Security Evangelist. Motivate students to join Global Mozilla Community through organizing various events. Working with various functional groups of Mozilla on creating teaching content and creating new contribution paths to Mozilla.

Speaking Interests : Firefox OS, Security, Webmaker, FOSS, OWASP ZAP, Intro to Mozilla, Getting Started, Community Builiding

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nda, slack-access


apps, boot2gecko, developer tools, mobile, web development, qa, building security, security engineering, security group, javascript, famous photo star, mozspeakers, couchsurfing, fx-team, firefox student ambassadors, fsa, community builders, bugzilla, public relations, mozilla india, hive india, teaching & learning community, techspeakers


csharp, css, html, html5, java, jquery mobile, twitter bootstrap


Engels, Hindi, Telugu

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  • Elio Qoshi

    Sumanth has been a great part of the Webmaker movement and his enthusiasm and curiosity keep pushing him to do some even greater stuff at Mozilla in the future. He is also involved in the Mozilla Winter of Security project. It's a pleasure for me to endorse Sumanth.

  • Kat Braybrooke

    Sumanth has been a formative part of the Webmaker community since early 2014. He has a Webmaker profile, has facilitated events that involve the tools, and mentors other community members to also become creators of the open web He also has been involved in the Mozilla Winter of Security project I am happy to endorse his work as a Mozillian.

  • Srikar Ananthula

    He is active contributor in webmaker & in local region activities., He is working for Mozilla Winter security project.

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