Marwen Doukh

مروان الدوخ


I'm a TUNISIAN student from Esprit university , I had my license degree at ISET Charguia in 2015.I'm a co-founder of MobileDev Club ISET Charguia and a member of ISETchux Club. I'm a Mozillian and a member of Mozilla-Tunisia community and a Firefox Student Ambassador since 2015 . I'm also a Linux user since 2013.


firefox student ambassadors, arabic mozilla


.javascript, android, arduino, c, cryptography, css, html, java, linux, mysql, python, raspberry pi, swift, twisted


Arabisch, Engels, Frans


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  • Mohamed Manai

    Marwen is a remarkable member of the Tunisian community, moved by the Mozilla mission and his passion of the Web and new technologies he found the best fit as a Mozillian. Marwen is flexible when it comes to his contributions, from tech and dev project to SUMO and translation, he showed also he can help with brilliant ideas to manage the community.

  • Amine Zaafouri

    Marwen is an active member in Mozilla Tunisia interested in Privacy / FSA program / Connected Devices and L10N. He is helping in the community management in Mozilla Tunisia community. I'm sure he will be a great leader in Mozilla Tunisia in the future.

  • Ahmed Nefzaoui

    Marwen is a new enthusiast Tunisian Mozillian about Mozilla's mission and path. He helps localizing Firefox OS to Arabic. He also contributes to the Mozilla Location Service. Keep rocking the open web, Marwen!

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