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Hyderabad, India



Free software, open web, Telugu enthusiast


l10n:te, localization, mobile, sf-monument, ux, web development, webfwd, hyderabad


Anglų, Telugų


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  • Ranjith Raj

    Veeven is contributing to Mozilla projects from 2004, one of the initial members who localized Mozilla suite and Firefox 1.x to Telugu. He has been an inspiration and guide for new contributors and teaching them to use l10n tools and manifesto.

    Veeven is one of the pioneers in Telugu l10n domain, put great efforts for growth of digital Telugu, built many tools like, contributed to localization of many FOSS projects to Telugu.

  • Arky ♣

    Veeven is long time contributor to Mozilla Telugu localization. He is instrumental in Firefox OS localization in Telugu.

  • Krishnababu Krothapalli

    Veeven is an active contributor, contributing to mozilla products w.r.t to Telugu [te] localization. He is actively contributing to mozilla browser, webparts, mobile, os.

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