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Sreenivas Alapati

శ్రీనివాస్ ఆలపాటి


I started my career as an artist at Rhythm & Hues where I worked on movies like Life Of Pi & Seventh Son. Started learning python for fun and got hooked on to it. Went on to develop tools and automate stuff and moved to technology. Currently I work as a Lead Pipeline Developer at The Cirqus where I takes care of the technology and infrastructure.

I a self-learner and open source enthusiast. I spend my time building tools for blender3d and advocating its usage. I collaborate with the mozilla community to create meetups catering to webXR and am a active contributor to Rust community as well!


animation, ar, blender, gaming, krita, vfx, vr


Anglų, Hindi, Telugų


  • Ranjith Raj

    As an organiser of Mozilla Hyderabad meetups, I've noticed Sreenivas one of the energetic persons in the participants. He has a great enthusiasm to learn and explore new stuff. He is also good at teaching what he learnt, been a speaker for more than 10 local events. He's working with me in developing resources for Rust, WebXR, Web Graphics, WebAssembly and as a co-organiser of Mozilla Hyderabad meetups.

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