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Mozillian for 8 years Apr 2012
IRC : rajasekhar


రాజశేఖర్ | राजशेखर

Privacy, Advocacy, and Open Web


Free and Open Source & Open Knowledge Enthusiast.

Journey started with Mozilla since my schooling. I encouraged many students to involve in the project regarding the usability, browser extensions, and so on. Collaboratively organized Firefox App development in my undergraduate study period. Next, with the success of that event I started involving in different FOSS communities. I've been into the Open Access and Creative Commons communities. Now, doing localization projects.

I've been contributing to the FOSS world. I am a Debian packager. I contributed to FreedomBox project, a personalized and private home server. I'm also a junior developer and experienced in Drupal.

Now, studying ICT-Masters in AIT-Thailand. I organized Firefox Quantum Sprint in our college. Now, looking forward to establish Mozilla Campus Club (as a Mozilla Science Program).


,python, academic research, active public speaker, artificial intellegence, c and cpp, cognitive sciences, foss speaker, linux system administation, machine learning, neural networks, open leadership


Anglų, Hindi, Telugų


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  • Abigail Cabunoc Mayes

    Rajasekhar participated and completed Mozilla Open Leaders 6 with the project "Firefox browser to browser radio communication for Internet access"

  • Ranjith Raj

    Rajasekhar is an inspiring activist committed for software freedom and internet freedom. He had been speaker for sessions on Firefox Apps, later mentored few add-ons projects that would help academia. He always encourages fellow Mozillians to adopt open leadership, glad to see him take active part in Mozilla Open Leaders.

    He is vocal and put great efforts in campaigns of India's fight for Net Netrality & Data Protection Laws and against mass surveillance projects like NSA PRISM and Aadhaar.

  • Henrik Mitsch

    Vouching for Raja. He found us on #participationsystems and reported that our spam filter continuously deleted his profile. Please accept my apologies.

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