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Mozillian for 5 years Aug 2014
Viroflay, Île-de-France, France
11:52 Europe/Paris

Philippe Joulot

Developpe apps and addons, Translate


I'm a student in computer sciences. I studied in an engineering school: ISTY, and i will make the master Secrets in security.

I'm also the founder of a few websites on different tv shows.

I uses Firefox every day since I had a computer. I recently bought a Firefox OS phone and I think I will developp some apps in french because there is nothing for that language.

I traduce some articles in french for the firefox os wiki.


Anglų, Prancūzų


  • Christophe Villeneuve

    Philippe est codeur et contribue à Firefox OS en réalisant des applications et des addons. Il s'implique pour améliorer le navigateur et OS

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