Moziliečio profilis
Mozillian for 12 years Jun 2006
Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
21:22 Europe/Ljubljana

Katja Guček

Mozilla Slovenia Member


I am open source enthusiast, active in the Slovenian FOSS community since 2005. Formerly PR at Kiberpipa, the central hackerspace in Ljubljana. Taking baby steps in integrating more into Mozilla Slovenia.


Vokiečių, Anglų, Kroatų, Slovėnų

External Accounts


  • Brian King

    Katja has been an open source advocate for years, making great connections and working on many projects during her time on the core team at 'Kiberpipa' hacker space in Ljubljana. More recently, she has been stepping up to help more in the Mozilla Slovenia community, as well as observing and adding some input to some Participation team projects.

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