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Mozillian for 7 years Sep 2013
United Kingdom
22:39 Europe/London
IRC : Costenslayer

Stefan Costen

Technical Lead and Breaker of things @ Communities Web Services


Stefan is known on the Internet as Costenslayer and has used this name for many years and as a result its origins are now lost.

Stefan works with the Community Web Services (MCWS) Team Cureantly manging the services offered to the community

PGP fingerprint: B061 6A1E 049B 1C99 5A08 580B BD28 E44D DB63 B617


mozfamily, mozfest, sf-monument, communityit, it, community management, mozfest volunteers, moco, community sites wpengine administration


devops, sysadmin



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  • Mark Surman

    Stefan has shown a great deal of initiative in figuring out new ways to bring youth into Mozilla. We need more of this.

  • Sarah Allen

    One of the volunteer heroes of Mozilla Festival who bring their unique skills and dedication to the festival each year to make it the success it is today. Stefan is an entusiastic team player who has worked across many areas of the festival.

  • Luis A. Sanchez Romero

    Stefan Is an extraordinary Mozillian, this year he help at Mozfest as volunteer always happy to help the sessions.

  • Laura Hilliger

    Stefan has helped with live train the trainer events and is always willing to help people find their way in IRC channels and via various lists.

  • Michelle Thorne

    I've met Stefan and he's helped run a training for Webmaker Mentors. He's a great guy and very dedicated Mozillian.

  • Tom Farrow

    Stefan is a youth mentor at EPIK. He helps teach kids in kent how to code, ultimately building towards the goals of webmaker.

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