Moziliečio profilis
Mozillian for 7 years Nov 2013
Pune, Maharashtra, India
23:16 GMT

Asavari Deokar

Womoz,Webmaker Mentor,Firefox Student Ambassador,FxOS,Web QA


I am a 3rd year U.G student from Cummins College of Engineering for Women,Pune. I am very much passionate about Open Source like Mozilla. I am a Webmaker Mentor and Firefox Student Ambassador also contributing to Mozilla's Web QA. A club member of Firefox Club@Cummins which is one of the top driven club of Womoz India. I love Mozilla and I'm proud to be a Mozillian! :)


firefox student ambassadors, fsa, webmaker, webmaker mentor, womoz, webqa


.c++, .css3 html5 javascript, 2d design, art design, community building, core java, evangelist, firefox apps, firefox os, firefox os app developer, mongo db, mozilla india, mysql, python, support mozilla, web qa, webmaker, womoz



    Asavari is a enthusiastic Mozillian who has participated and also organized many events on FxOS and also Webmaker in and around Pune. Being herself a great contributor to Open source technologies she decided to spread Open world among Women by conducting Womoz events. I am also happy to mention that Firefox club@Cummins is generating a large number of Women Contributors every year because of the active contribution of Club members.

    Finally I am happy to vouch Asavari for her contribution :)

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