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Ashiqur Rahman Amit

SuMo,L10n,Community, FSA


I trust nothing can be established without Proper Support! As a result to love the Mozilla Mission I contribute in Support Mozilla! However Localizing is my hobby and which i used in contributing in Mozilla. Also the SuMo bn-BD reviewer. Try to play a little role to build community. Personally I have completed my graduate in Mechanical Engineering from RUET and currently work in BanglaCAT-Bangla Trac Limited (The authorized dealer of Caterpillar Inc. USA in Bangladesh)


l10n:bn-bd, localization, buddies, bangladesh, bangla, webmaker, support, sumo


communication, leadership, localization, marketing, sumo


Bengalų, Anglų

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  • Ashkary Rahman

    A really awesome sumo contributor . Mozilla Bangladesh social media lead. A great mozillian indeed

  • Ashickur Rahman

    One of our awesome sumo contributor and bn-bd locale reviewer. Mozilla Bangladesh social media team lead.

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