Moziliečio profilis
Mozillian for 15 years May 2003
IRC : aceman


code, bug triage


I've started contributing to Mozilla in 2003, mostly filing bugs in Since then I got to triaging bugs and finally I now code patches for the Thunderbird email client.

Use this query to see what I am working on:

My focus of work is filters UI, account manager UI and small tweaks everywhere around the tree.


coding, thunderbird, qa, bugzilla


bash scripting, cplusplus, html, javascript, linux administration, microsoft office, open source, software development, software testing, visual basic, web development, xul


  • Suyash Agarwal

    Active Thunderbird contributor and a great person to work with.

  • Joshua Cranmer

    Provides lots of TB patches

  • Wayne Mery

    excellent coder, code steward, communicator, and all around good guy

  • Mike Conley

    aceman has been a Thunderbird contributor for several years now, and was at the last Thunderbird meet-up we had at a MozCamp in Warsaw.

    Here is his activity on Bugzilla over the past year:

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