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  • Michal Stanke

    Paul is super active around SUMO, always ready to help both users and contributors.

  • William Duyck

    Paul was a MozFest super start this year, and has some great ideas about where the Mozilla UK community could go in the future.

  • Spike (Chris Foote)

    Paul was a local volunteer for the London Mozilla Festival in 2015 where his enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge of all things Mozilla were hugely valuable. His help and advice before, during, and after the event have been greatly appreciated by me personally. As his other vouches prove, Paul is a true and valued Mozillian!

  • Madalina Ana

    Seburo has been of tremendous help in the support forums. Although he is fairly new to the project he is handling it like a pro. We couldn't do it without people like him!

  • David Weir

    Seburo has been helping people with SuMo and has been doing a great job thanks for helping with SuMo

  • Philipp Madersbacher

    Seburo has been helping users on IRC for quite a while and is getting started on SUMO as well :))

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