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Mozillian for 6 years Jan 2013
15:26 Asia/Kolkata


Firefox OS Apps Reviewer, Firefox OS app Developer


Firefox OS app Developer Firefox Student Ambassador-App of the month Lead Firefox OS Senior Apps Reviewers Technical Blogger Contributes to Mozilla Developer Network. Teaches about Developing Firefox OS application Remo from June 2013

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nda, slack-access


evangelism, developer documentation, app reviewers, mozspeakers, india, mozilla india, mozillians chennai, mozilla tamilnadu community, add-ons, techspeakers


advance java, html5 css3 javascript, python or c


Anglų, Tamilų


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  • Biraj Karmakar

    Viswaprasath is great community member in Mozilla. He always helps people on FxOS development. Also he is serving as Firefox Marketplace reviewers. When he was in fsa e-board, he used to manage tech activities for FSA program. He is a pleasure to work with. His passion towards mozilla is just AWESOME!

  • Ting Jung Lee

    Vis is currently the VP of Tech for the Firefox Student Ambassadors Program and has contributed to bringing up to a hundred apps to the Marketplace. Wow! He is continuously brainstorming new tech activities for students and spreading OS development knowledge in his regional community. His passion for educating students is so admirable. Truly a great role model for emerging developers everywhere.

  • Nino Vranešič

    Viswaprasath is one of the most acctive volounter Firefox Marketplace reviewers.

  • Gauthamraj Elango

    Viswa is doing great job in leading app of the month in FSA Program. Part of Fxos India launch team . Very active and can count on for help when needed :-)

  • Naresh kumar

    Firefox os app developer and app maker contributor

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