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Pierre “Mozinet”

information, communication, traductions, support, relecture, rés.soc.


External Accounts


  • Jean-Bernard Marcon

    As a long-time volunteer contributor for Mozilla, Pierre not only published heaps of really informative and documented articles on his blog and one. he is also a regular contributor to various documentation about Mozilla ecosystem, and especially he is one of the top translators and reviewers for SUMO.

  • Pascal Chevrel

    Pierre is a key, trustworthy, historical contributor to Mozilla in France. He has been contributing to spreading the word about Mozilla over the last 10 years with quality fact-based articles and is now working more closely with the wider Francophone community on improving our overall communication as a group.

  • Flore Allemandou

    Pierre is a long time contributor to mozilla, by writing on the website and blog. Then during summer 2014, he joined the core launching team for Firefox OS in France. He's our social media leader, coordinating all efforts on social networks (facebook, twitter, blogs) to give our launch campaign the greatest possible impact.

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