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Harshita Arya

हर्षिता आर्य | হর্ষিতা আর্য


I am a tech enthusiast and work on contributing to Open Source Technologies.I came to know about Mozilla Community from my Campus Clubs that made me grow and build my technical skills as a team.The team also helped me in contributing back to the society by conducting various public sessions. I also believe in pushing more girls in contributing to Open Source Technologies.So I founded WoMoz Society in my college and we work and grow together.

My contribution story


,html, .nodejs, .php, bootsrap, highcharts.js, java - advance


Bengalų, Anglų, Hindi


  • S M Sarwar Nobin

    Harshita is the winner of Mozillian of the Month - October 2019 for her tremendous activities and outstanding performances.

  • Ranjith Raj

    Harshita is brave, takes initiative in self-assigning complex challenges, champ in community building and conflict management, potential future leader of privacy movement and internet health.

    She started WoMoz in Bhubaneshwar, recruited women volunteers and mentored them in learning various FOSS technologies. She being a full stack developer, organised series of web development training sessions for club members.

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