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Anshuman Das

অংশুমান | अंशुमान


About Me

Bron and grew up in Kolkata, West Bengal. I'm a Mozillian and techie guy who always loves to explore new technology actively.

Precisely incline towards Privacy and Security (Mozilla respects both of these which attracts me the most).

Rather that than I'm a beginner to Cyber Security field.

I'm a Graphics Designer too and I love to play with it when I get time.

Last but not the least I'm the geek who believes in sharing knowledge and ideas.Keen to learn from other's experience.

I've a passion for Photography and painting. When I need to take a break I do these things.

Feel free to ping me if you think you have new idea that we can work on !


1.Hacktoberfest 2k19

2. AutumnHacks : Hackathon

3.Privacy Month Campaign 2020 - Localization team

4.Internet Health Day

5.Public Money, Public Code(On going)

6. Localization in Bangla for Mozilla

7.Beginner in Designing *8. Speaker @Webinar on Social Engineering ( *


Bengalų, Anglų, Hindi


  • Vishal Das

    Anshuman is a very active Mozillian from Punjab. His contributions in the community has been significant in the growth of the Mozilla Punjab Community. He is also an active Localizer for Bengali language! I am happy to vouch for him and I am sure he will keep contributing to Mozilla's Mission and inspire many more in the future! Doing Good, is a Part of his Code!

  • Arshdeep Singh

    Anshuman has been an active Mozillian and his active contribution in privacy month, Localisation . His contribution towards keeping the community active and welcoming new Mozillians is commendable. I've worked with him personally with him for the events organized by Mozilla Punjab and I am sure he will keep contributing to Mozilla's Mission in the future.

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