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Bremen, Bremen, Germany
20:47 Europe/Berlin

Iaroslav Sheptykin

Firefox bugfixing

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First, B.Ing in Computer Systems and Networks at National Aviation University in Kiew, Ukraine. Then, M.Sc in Digital Media at Hochschule Bremerhaven, Germany. Now, writing dissertation on automatic detection of landmarks for pedestrian navigation. I love football, bbq and code. I like Mozilla's mission on building open web technology that everyone can use and change.


ukraine, coding, firefox, linux, german, beer, coffee, volunteer


android, c++, gis, ios, javascript, php


독일어, 영어, 러시아어, 우크라이나어


  • Alessio Placitelli

    Iaroslav has been around for quite some time now, pushing forward Telemetry in many different ways: investigating the use of real-time data analysis tools, refactoring the C++ Telemetry core and enabling keyed call stack capture in Telemetry, on demand!

  • Georg Fritzsche

    Iaroslav took up bigger, involved bugs and a small scale project with our Telemetry systems in Firefox. He has been persistent even when things didn't go quite as expected and helped us move some things forward this year - thanks!

  • Florian Scholz

    Iarolsav is an active community member working on the Firefox translation tool and interested in Mozilla. He is based in Bremen and we hang out occasionally :-) Bugzilla:


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