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Mozillian이 된지 3년 Mar 2015
Chennai, India
IRC : waffles

Ravi Shankar

Coding & reviewing...

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Hi! i'm an undergrad in aeronautics with a lot of interest in physics & coding. I'm a Pythonist, Mozillian and a Rustacean. These days, I contribute to the Servo browser engine.

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coding, docker, html5, javascript, kubernetes, python, rust


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  • Josh Matthews

    Ravi is a prolific contributor to the Servo project, as well as a reviewer and mentor for new contributors.

  • Manish Goregaokar

    Ravi is a frequent contributor to Servo: writing code (, taking part in discussions, and is now starting to help out in mentorship and reviewing.

  • David Teller

    Waffles is currently landing Bug 1109608.

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