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New Delhi, NCT, India
18:46 Asia/Kolkata

Kunal Relan


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I am a keen computer security enthusiast working on web application security hardening and penetration testing ,I also have interest in Networking and penetration testing,I love to code and have good command in PHP,Python,jsp,Javascript and c

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a bit of java, a bit of javascript, advance html, bascis of python, basic css, cisco networking, codeignator, computer networking, jsp, penetration testing, php development, web security


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  • Ajay Kumar

    Kunal is a boon to have kind of contributor in a community. Kunal is currently working as SIG Lead of Our Security Team of Mozpacers Community. He is an evangelist with awesome knowledge on many open source technologies. He always give his presence in all local online and offline community events. He is a great mentor and an inspiring contributor. His efforts can be seen here -

  • Anup Kumar Mishra

    Kunal is a high spirited contributor . He has started contributing to Mozilla since I visited in his institute and organized an event over there in Jan 2015. His contributions has increased drastically since then and he is a community member of Mozilla Delhi Community . Some bugs he has worked upon 1122493,1091117,,665324,1128719,1134172,1169704,1113639,1123042 ,1100562,1106075,1169704 . He has spoken in one of our events as well .

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