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Mozillian이 된지 5년 Sep 2013
Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh
15:07 Asia/Dhaka
IRC : riyadbd

Md Shahadat Hosain Riyad


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I'm Shahadat Hosain Riyad from Mozilla Bangladesh. Studying BSc. in Computer Science and Engineering at Port City International University. I am contributing on L10N, Tech Speaker, SuMo, Web Maker. I love to encourage and engaged people to make the web open, better and secure so that Community building is became my lovable Habit. I enjoyed the event management for open web community. I co-host most of the event in Chittagong division for last couple of years.

My contribution areas are following below: Club Lead Tech Speaker Firefox Student Ambassador Tech the Web Speaker (Firefox OS) Mozilla Location Service(MLS)


thunderbird, web development, bangladesh


html5 css3 php mysql wordpress


벵골어, 영어, 힌디어


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  • Mashkawat Ahsan

    Riyad involved in organizing different Mozilla events in Bangladesh. As a Firefox Club lead of his university he is helping the community to spread in Chittagong region.

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