Mozillian 프로필
Mozillian이 된지 3년 May 2015
Ivory Coast
IRC : qwincy_p

Gnagne Cedric AGNES

Je participe au programme MDN

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Interest by web and all related technologies, Like coding.


html5, css3, php, web development, mobile, sf-monument


.css2 css3 html php, admin linux server, css, dos, html5, javascript, php, python, unix


영어, 프랑스어

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    Cedrick is a very strong sofware developer , and a active contributor to mdn , always present when the community needs him . Thanks Cedrick for your engagement :-)

  • TOUKPO Brice Jacob

    Agnes is an awesome developer who help me to build local community to contribute on MDN. He organize some workshops at our events on how to contribute on MDN. At our meets he contribute on MDN by translating documentation in french, make technical read.

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