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Mozillian이 된지 4년 Jun 2014
Pune, Maharashtra, India
14:55 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : prasadseth

Prasad Seth

Community Building, Conducted Firefox Events,Spread Mozilla mission

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Web Developer | Open source enthusiast | Learner | Evangelist | Appmaker | Webmaker | Firefox OS follower | Firefox Student Ambassador from Pune,India. | Computer Engineering Student | I love supporting Open Source !!

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appmaker, c, c++, community building, community buildingevangelism, css, evangelism, html, java, javascript, jquery, webmaking, webmakinghtml


영어, 구자라트어, 힌디어, 마라티어


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  • April Morone

    I am more than happy and am honoured to vouch for Prasad Seth. He has done soooo much for Mozilla and he still continues to do so much for Mozilla. He has held events that were very helpful about Firefox OS, WoMoz, WebMaker, Thimble, Localisation for WebMaker. He has contributed to Moz Stumbler app, and he has build a couple apps, himself of which I have used fr myself, that are awesome and helpful for people.I think he is a true asset to Mozilla.

  • Prof. (Dr) Kailas Ravsaheb Patil

    He is a club member of VIIT Fireofx Club and conducted events in VIIT pune. He has also conducted an event in KIT, kolhapur. He has developed a few basic FxOS apps.

  • Mayur Patil

    This is vouch for Prasad's good work in Firefox OS Apps and activism regarding FxOS. Keep it up !!


    Prasad Seth is an amazing contributor from Mozilla Pune, Where he had conducted many events in Pune being a Club member at VIIT,Pune. He has developed few FxOS applications and also started contributing in few other platforms like Localization,Moz stumbler etc. Finally i am happy to vouch Prasad for his contribution to Mozilla.

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