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15:01 Asia/Amman
IRC : #Osama

Osama Allama

Student Ambasador

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Firefox Student Ambassador in Yarmouk University Firefox Club from Mozilla Jordan Community a , interested on Localization , webmaker, Photography , organized workshop and event , marketing . Love open source and volunteering in mozilla


communecation skills, html5, langouge, localization, photographer, webmaker


아랍어, 영어

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  • Mahmood Abdul-Hameed Al-Qudah

    we worked together in a lot of events , he is one of the best organizers i had seen ever and good trainer .

  • Ahmad Issa Gharaibeh

    Osama is one of the main contributors to localize the Web Maker into Arabic and bring it to our region. He started to contribute one year ago and he is already a Student Ambassador .

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