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Mozillian이 된지 8년 Jul 2012
Al Jubayhah, Amman, Jordan
14:10 Asia/Jerusalem
IRC : TheDoomLord

Osama Raddad

mozila remo

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With a bachelor degree in Software Engineering, I specialize in mobile applications, server-side development, delivered my work to different types of business models. I created Apps for WhatShuDoin™, 7AWI™ and ArabiaWeather™. I have a strong experience in Apps life cycle, development, design and publishing.

Fluent in JavaScript, Node.js, React, Java, Embedded C as well as implementing and designing functionalities. Accumulating a resilient experience and knowledge of design patterns with high-capacity in implementation and logic building.

Robust skills in Node. js project structuring and how to build web services using Express.js, Hapi.js and using GraphQL and how to connect node projects with databases like MongoDB, Redis and MySQL.

Strong in GIT as a distributed version control source code and its associated commands as well as using it to safeguard codes, extracting code from anywhere, working on projects with teams and to manage the release process and DevOps.


jordan mozilla community, add-ons, fsa, firefox student ambassadors, boot2gecko, webmaker, mobile apps, mobile


.nodejs, android, html5, java, mongodb, mysql, react


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