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Mozillian이 된지 3년 Feb 2015
Nashik, Maharashtra, India
17:37 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : MeetPokar

Mitesh Pokar

મિતેશ પોકાર

Webmaker, OpenSource,Localization,Support

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Webmaker, Love to learn New Technology, Teach the Web is my main motto.

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c event managment, c programing, c++ language, cms wordpress, event managment, event organization, gujratilocalization, html, ms-access database, mysql database, opensource, webmaker, windows


영어, 구자라트어, 힌디어, 마라티어

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  • Vishal Chavan

    Mitesh has been an active volunteer since joing Nashik community. He has helped organize many events in and around the city. His work for the Foxyeah Celebrations and Maker Party are note worthy. Mitesh also contributes some to L10N projects as well.

  • Mehul Patel

    Mitesh is very active member of Mozilla Nashik. He is always ready to do the work which has assigned to him. He has also started to contributing in Localization Projects in Hindi & Marathi.

    He is also been very important part of newly initiated event called MozSummmer FSA Camp. Happily vouch Mitesh.

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