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Marko Andrejić

l10n and QA teams leader of Firefox products

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Joined Serbian Mozilla community in January 2014 as localizer and social media manager. I worked on localization of Firefox OS , but now I localize different projects on Pontoon platform and doing qa of Firefox and web sites.

  • L10n and QA teams leaderd and web designer at Serbian community
  • Open Source supporter
  • Cyber security and privacy researcher

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balkans, mozilla serbia, localization, paris l10n/qa hackathon 2015, qa


cisco, cyber security, linux, network administration, open source, privacy, python, system administration




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  • Vanja Tumbas

    Marko is a very active localizer from the Serbian community. He works on Verbatim projects and he is in charge of Firefox products localization QA.

  • Saša Jakovljević

    Marko has been contributing to Mozilla Srbija since December 2013 and is very devoted to sharing news and information about Mozilla Srbija community and Mozilla community in general. Besides his activities within localization team, he is active on social media, in this case on Mozilla Srbija community channels (Twitter and Facebook)

  • Aleksandra Uzelac

    Marko has been contributing to Mozilla Srbija since December 2013. He started as a mobilizer - sharing news and spreading the word about Firefox OS through social media. In January 2014 he joined our localization team and started contributing through Mozilla Verbatim - . In a few months he was promoted to a reviewer. He's is also sharing news about Mozilla and their products through our community's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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