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lemounes nour el imane lamis

mozilla campus club co-founding member

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Very ambitious computer science student interested in all domains( literature, maths , physics , medicine, music, sports, chemistry, photography,graphic design , human developement , learning about new cultures and languages, volunteering ) a former actress, social activist,a fast learner, hoping to help people with my experience , and to have new ones during it.


,html, ,python, .java, .kotlin, active public speaker, administrator social media, adobe photoshop, basic c programming, beginner mysql, event organisation, freelance, human resources management, javafx, leadership, steganography


아랍어, 영어, 프랑스어, 한국어

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  • LEMOUNES Nour Elhouda Djoumana

    Lamis is an active member of Mozilla Algeria community and Mozilla campus club of Constantine 02 in Algeria, she contributed to many activities and events of the MC club, we're very proud of her!

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