Mozillian 프로필
Kolkata, West Bengal, India
11:39 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : kushal

Kushal Das


developer tools, localization, marketing, web development


community, python


벵골어, 영어, 힌디어


외부 계정


  • Rabimba Karanjai

    An avid opensource community leader. Writer of this awesome Python Book. Maintains various packages in Fedora and is an opensource advocate evangelist for more time than I can remember. And he also points out and fixes bugs in Mozilla

  • Mahay Alam Khan

    An iconic open source community leader. He has been around in south Asian hacking community for almost a decade. An ideal developer evangelist. Have had assisted the Bengali localization of Firefox initiative. It's an honor for me to vouch him.

  • Soumya Kanti Chakraborty

    Kushal is a avid open source technologists. Not only he spreads about Mozilla but he submits patches like the above to Mozilla too.

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