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Raghuram Korukonda

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I am a Raghuram for Hyderabad.

  • Technology Enthusiast.
  • Love to spread.
  • Innovative.
  • Collaboration.

The Best Approach, as far as I have learned: " You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. "


apps, communications, creative, developer tools, graphics, india, localization, mobile, people, program management, recruiting, sf-monument, summit2013, summit2013-santa-clara, thunderbird, ux, web development, webfwd, 2013 summit


adobe photoshop, algorithms,, bash, c, c plus plus, c sharp, communications, css, css3, data structures, dbms, documentation, dreamweaver, evangelism, event management, fedora, git, go, html, html5, j2ee, j2me, java, javascript, jquery, mediawiki, oracle, photography, pl, python, social media, sql, visual basic, visual basic 6.0


영어, 힌디어, 텔루구어


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