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Mozillian이 된지 4년 Apr 2014
Thionville, Grand Est, France
20:36 Europe/Paris
IRC : k0pernicus

Carette Antonin

Rust events organiser and presenter

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Hi! I am a former contributor for FirefoxOS, Rust lover and Rust software creator. I am contributing to the Rust programming language in organizing and presenting some Rust events in France/Luxembourg. Currently: PhD student @ SerVal team (SNT), working on ML/NLP problems.


app development, firefoxos, python, rust


big data, git, machine learning, ocaml, optimization, python, rust


영어, 프랑스어



  • Quentin Lamamy

    Antonin help mozilla on various project like Firefox OS and RUST. I meet him as an organizer of a RUST meetup where Mozilla where inveted.

  • Quentin Frémeaux

    Antonin is a serious long date contributor that first helped debugging Firefox OS and now is a true Rust activist. He is organizing meetup at Lille to introduce people to Rust. I first meet him at Fosdem and during one of his Rust Meetup.

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