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Mennouchi Islam Azeddine

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Mennouchi Islam Azeddine Free security consultant and OWASP Algeria Chapter leader More than 3 years experience in Information security worked as a consultant for several Local companies

  • Web development and web security solid background
  • Penetration testing
  • Network Security
  • Database Design
  • Information Systems Audit
  • Solution design
  • Static/Dynamic Code auditing

besides that an entrepreneurship activist with social motivations : Startup Pirates Organizer Venture Capital For Africa Mentor *GIST Tech-I Finalist and Alumni


application security, css, database mysql, entrepreneurship, forensic analysis, html, information security, information systems, javascript, network security, owasp, pentesting, php security, php., python, risk assessement, risk management, security, social engineering, startups, venture capital, web application security, web developement


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  • Noureddine Bellounis

    Islam Azeddine is a security expert, he just joined Mozilla Algeria, he is helping us with the community building, he has a good profile to be a mozillian, and he can help us sharing mozilla's mission.

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