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Mozillian이 된지 20년 Jan 2000
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
20:35 US/Eastern
IRC : jx

Grey Hodge

Bug triager, reporter/editor, retired.

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A twenty+ year veteran of the IT world, Grey Hodge became a volunteer in the start of 2000. Beginning with bug reporting, he moved on to bug triaging, an thankless task in which an endless stream of poorly written and vague bugs (just like the ones he used to report) come at the triager like Lucy in the candy factory. In summer of 2001, Grey helped found, a community news site oriented not just on but on all aspects of the Mozilla OSS ecosystem. MozNews, as it was known, reported on Mozilla happenings, other projects using the Mozilla codebase, interviewed developers, and broke the news that Netscape staff was to be laid off by AOL in June of 2003. In 2005 shutdown. He has published several technical books, and is currently a web developer in Atlanta, Georgia.


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    Greg has spent years of his life advocating for the open web. He has run websites promoting Mozilla. He currently maintains the quotes database.

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