Mozillian 프로필
Bern, Switzerland
03:22 Europe/Zurich
IRC : freaktechnik

Martin Giger

being around, extension dev support, occasional patches

자기 소개

Web dev by day, playing the Euphonium, geeking out about trains, browser extensions, video streaming culture and IRCv3 in Thunderbird by night.

Access Groups

nda, slack-access


add-ons, sf-monument, switzerland, addons sdk, jetpack, de:community, bern, linux, nightingale, german, speaks:de, beer, instantbird, thunderbird, webextensions


외부 계정


  • Dino McVouch

    An automatic vouch for being a Mozilla employee.

  • Michael Kohler

    Martin is a MozillaCH community member who is very involved with the Addon SDK.

  • Antoine Turmel

    Martin is an Add-on SDK/JetPack contributor and helped in the past to promote Mozilla during events like RMLL. He is crafting add-ons for Firefox and master XULRunner/XPCOM technologies thanks to Nightingale.

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