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Mozillian이 된지 4년 Oct 2014
16:23 Africa/Nairobi
IRC : Festo

Langat Festus

Swahili Localization

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Campus club Regional Coordinator, Former Take back the web Coach, Mozillian Kenya, Former FSA Taita Taveta university college. And ever happy gentleman.


about:networking, activists, air mozilla, amo, app developer


.css3 html5 javascript jquery c c++ java, cisco networking, graphics designer and mozilla student ambassdor pr, php, routers, routing and switching, wordpress joomla drupal


영어, 칼렌진어, 스와힐리어

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  • Bobby Richter

    Whenever Festus is in the room, people smile. He brims with enthusiasm and positivity that mesh well with his technical insight, interpersonal skills, and calm demeanor. Festus has been active on the Digital Skills Observatory project (, and we'll look to him again the next time we need similar help—especially in Kenya. ~~~ʕ ´ᴥ`ʔ

  • Laura de Reynal

    Festus has been a great contributor for Mozilla Kenya. Working with him is a pleasure. He is very enthusiastic, dedicated and conscientious. I highly recommend him :-)

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