Mozillian 프로필
Mozillian이 된지 5년 Nov 2013
Ivory Coast
16:22 Africa/Abidjan
IRC : bolasoma


Webmaker Mentor, MarketPlace, MDN, SUMO, Coach at TBTW, NetPolicy, #FF

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apps, mdn evangelists, webmaker mentor, mozilla reps mentor, mentor, firefox os translation, firefox os testing, marketplace, policy, mozfest, social contributors, mozspeakers, contributor engagement, boot2gecko, firefox friends, army of awesome, localization, l10n:translation, l10n:fr, b2g, mozilla africa, evangelism, addon development, marketing, 1337


.css3 html5 javascript jax java python apache, active public speaker, android app dev, azure cloud, c sharp .net, cloud, computer and network security, cyber security, data security, english to french translation, ios app development, mobile dev, mozilla add on testing, mozilla firefox, network, preparing - study cisa, telecoms, web dev, webmaker tools


아프리칸스어, 영어, 프랑스어, 만딩고어

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  • Amira Dhalla

    Soma has been a great mentor by helping #teachtheweb by running Maker Party events in Ivory Coast.

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