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02:26 Africa/Cairo
IRC : abdelrahman1samy

Abdelrahman Samy

Regional Ambassador Leader

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Computer Science student who seeks to be an international programmer. Love Science & Technology and interested in writing books & stories. Leader of FSC @ AAST club who took the club of April month and hold 3 awesome events. Working on Mozilla localization projects to help speeding the progress of launching of Firefox OS in the Middle East.

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localization, recruiting, webmaker, arabic mozilla, add-ons, accessibility, persona, program management, labs, developer tools, communications, coding


academic writing, arabic localization, bootstrap, c programming, css, graphic design, html, problem solving, vb .net, visual basic


아랍어, 영어, 이탈리아어


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  • Nishigandha yadav

    Abdelrahman Samy is one of the most robust and active FSA in his country,One can easily impressed with he's work and club handling capabilities.You are Awesome!!

  • Rami Khader

    Abdelrahamn is one of the most active localiser in the local community. His localisation has a high standards.

  • 미보증

    Awesome Rep fom Egypt, leading his FirefoxClub efforts in his country.

  • Mohamed Hafez

    Abdelrahman is one of the best contributers in the FSA program in Egypt


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