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S. M. Mohi-Us Sunnat

Firefox OS, Webmaker, MDN, l10n, Community, FSA

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I am a CSE student of BRAC University of Bangladesh. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am the Lead of BRACU Firefox Club, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am contributing on Webmaker and Firefox OS app developing, MDN, l10n. I just love coding. My favorite languages are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python. Community building is another Habit. I am the co-host, event management lead and one of the mentor of the 1st App days of Bangladesh. I was also mentor of the second App days. Have traveled almost 10 universities to teach FirefoxOS app developing and Webmaker. Want to go ahead with Mozilla and open source.


bangla, bangladesh, bracu firefox club, buddies, communityit, firefox, localization, persona, support, firefoxos


.css3 html5 java php, android, community builder, css, firefox os, html, java, javascript, mysql, php, python, user support, web development


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