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Kolkata, India
00:26 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : @iSukanta

Sukanta Pal

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Developer & Designer, foss enthusiast Tech geek


add-ons, web development, sf-monument, firefox student ambassadors, javascript, l10n:translation, firefox, firefoxos, famous photo star, asia, python, photography, privacy, ingress, ingress enlightened, geolocation, mozfest, localization, army of awesome, mozilla kolkata, mozilla india, bangla, one and done, marketplace, mentor, community, fennec, mozillian, volunteer,, design, community builders, mozilla geolocation, marketpulse community, fossasia, participation, teaching & learning community


adobe creative suite, css, graphic design, html, javascript, movie editing, open badge, user experience design


벵골어, 영어, 힌디어


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  • Ayan Choudhury

    He is an active mozillian from Kolkata. His contribution are: 1. 2. 3. He has attended a loads of events and seminars. Good going Sukanta.. Keep it up... :)

  • Priyanka Nag

    A very hardworking Mozillian from Kolkata. Have been one of the organizers of Maker Party in Bhubaneshwar :)

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