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14:04 Asia/Gaza
IRC : Raed Sh

Ra'ed Moufaq Shatnawi

FSA , Webmaker , Localization , Add-ons , Firefox Browsers

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Studying Management Information Systems at Yarmouk University

I Love Open Source


arabic mozilla, asia, jordan mozilla community, addons, firefox club yarmouk uni, mozilla add-ons, communications, localization, mentor, fsa, coding, add-ons, mobile, sf-monument, evangelism, web development, mozilla guides, community builders, comms reps, firefoxos, mozilla jordan community, firefox club yarmouk university, mozilla jordan meetup #1, mozilla jordan community social media team


.c++, 1 year experience of linux, computer software, content management system, finding nearly anything on the internet, graphic design, innovation, internet browsing etc., project management, social media, system analysis, web design, web development, win operating system


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  • Mahmood Abdul-Hameed Al-Qudah

    He is active contributor in arabic localization

  • Ahmad Issa Gharaibeh

    Raed Shatnawi a Firefox student ambassador in mozilla jordan community and he is member in "Yarmouk University Firefox Club" since 1 year interested with Web Maker and contributor on mozilla webmaker , Add-Ons and Themes .

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