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Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
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IRC : Jovanovski

Gorjan Jovanovski

Горјан Јовановски

Promotion and Event Organization

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I'm a Macedonian Mozilla contributor. Started back in 2009 when I was in high school, and have loved the experience ever since!

Mozilla events I've attended:

  • Mozilla Summit '12
  • MozCamp EU '09/'10
  • Mozilla Balkans vol. 3

Mozilla events I've helped host:

  • Mozilla Balkans Skopje
  • Firefox 3.5 launch, Skopje
  • Firefox 4 year birthday party, Skopje


balkans, mozilla macedonia, sf-monument, europe, firefox


css 3, html 5, java, javascript, jquery, php, sql


영어, 마케도니아어


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  • Matjaz Horvat

    Gorjan has been a member of Mozilla since the early days.

    He was the man behind the very first Balkan Inter-Community Meetup:

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