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Wesley Branton


Technical Support Contributor

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Wesley is a trained computer systems technologist that specializes in computer networking and computer programming. He is fluent in website development languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. He is also fluent in mobile application development and design on the Android platform.

He loves the Mozilla project and their hard work to keep the web open and safe for millions of users around the globe!


canada, firefox, sumo, web development, add-ons, coding, creative


business consulting, business management, computer graphics, css, customer support, digital marketing, html, java, javascript, linux administration, mysql, php, social media, website development



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  • Alice Wyman

    In addition to his help answering questions on the [Mozilla Support] ( forums, [Wesley Branton] ( has contributed to the SUMO Knowledge Base by updating numerous articles. We could use more editors like Wesley at SUMO!

  • Philipp Madersbacher

    Wesley is regularly answering questions in the SUMO forums and helping hundreds of Firefox users in the process. thanks :-)

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