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ശ്യാം കുമാർ

SUMO , MCWS & Mozilla Kerala

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  • Mkll

    Syam is a great help to the Social Support Team, he is actively replying to users in need, and leaves no one behind! Keep up the good work Syam!

  • Kumaresan.C.S

    I have known Syam as an active Mozillian who has done a great job in organising community events for Mozilla. He has participated in several mozilla events and has contributed significantly to providing Social Support for Firefox users. He is well decidated to his contribution, that aligns with the mission & Vision of the Mozilla Projects.

  • Rachel McGuigan

    Syam does a lot of amazing contributions for Mozilla. I don't think I have any idea how much. He has organized events and facilitated Social Support communities in Kerala. He is very thorough and a great communicator. You have to follow his re-launch of the Mozilla Kerala Community.

  • Rigin Oommen

    Syam is an aspiring community leader in mozilla community. For the new contributors in the mozilla community i really suggest syam as a mentor for them. He is very passionate about the mozilla project.

    I feel that syam's contribution aligns with the mission & Vision of the Mozilla Project.

  • Geraldo Barros

    Syam is an awesome volunteer at the Firefox Social Support team, he is part of our team and guarantees Firefox support on Twitter. :D

  • Sierra Reed

    Syam is a fantastic addition to the Mozillian community. He has taken a strong lead in providing Social Support to Firefox users. He's reliable, approachable, and maintains a positive attitude. It's always a pleasure to liaise with him on how we can grow our community.


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