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Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
10:45 Asia/Kolkata


செந்தில் குமார்


My name is Senthilkumar. I was born and brought of from Temple city called Madurai situated in South part of Tamil nadu. My father is a gold Smith and mother is housewife. I have one younger sister I have completed my graduation in electronic and communication engineering from Anna university 2010 batch. I have secured top grade in all my college and school level.

My Inspiration behind learning coding starts from my childhood. I like anything which drift electrons. When I started writing coding I liked that I am able to control the way computer response to my queries. This is the trigger point for me to learn multiple programming language. I love to solve any problem using technology. My favourite programming language in C.

My programming journey starts when I joined summer programming course when I was in my 12th vacation. I took a course on learning FoxPro programming language. During the course I have built the complete billing system and showed to my trainer. I got very good appreciation from all the people in the institute. The used my project as their official billing system replaced their note book entrees for collecting fees. I am very excited that every bill made in their institute using the software which I developed. This encouragement and support enables me to build software to solve day to day problem using technology.

After my college I started my career as a software company in Bangalore. During the time I believed the only way to learn new programming skill is by joining the programming courses in various training institute. But Bangalore is diverged echo system and best place for meetup hackathon and code lab which happens every weekend around the city. I used my weekend effectively to attend the event which improves my programming skills.

GDG Bangalore was the community which helps me to shape my programming skill. They invited me as a speaker for their tech tech talk which empowerment my confident level in public speaking.

I always think about what makes the city like Bangalore enables hub of many startups and very good developers. I understood that this all due to the strong developer community. I am very much attached to my native place Madurai like others. So I decided that I should start the similar echo system in my home town Madurai. We started GDG Madurai chapter on 31 Jan 2015 in my college campus. We are very proud that we are the top community in the GDG India list. We have around 1500+ active members.

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  • Faramarz Rashed

    Senthil is a great contributor to Project Things and an advocate for teaching technologies to others. His help in spreading our work is greatly needed and appreciated.

  • Kathy Giori

    Senthil does amazing work teaching girls to code and using his tech skills to build solutions that benefit the community. So happy to have him on board helping improve Project Things!!

  • Havi Hoffman

    Senthil is actively contributed to ET's WoT / Project Things - building and doing outreach in his communities in India and beyond. We are eager to give him better access so he can engage even more effectively


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