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Amuẓiliyen seg 3 n iseggassen Aug 2015
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
15:36 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : Anupkumar (or) reznord

Anup Kumar


Contributor to the TaskCluster team.


firefox, nightly, firefoxos, about:credits, india


css, html, java, java script, mercurial, node.js, python, react.js, reactive programming


Taglizit, Tahendit, Tatilugut

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  • Mark Capella

    Anup has contributed several patches in his first year and is still helping with his time. He's persistent and seems to enjoy digging into new and unfamiliar areas :-)

  • David Teller

    That guy writes code :)

  • Josh Matthews

    Anup has fixed a number of bugs in mozilla-central.


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