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Abidjan, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
17:58 Africa/Abidjan

KOUADIO M'man Ange Manuela

womoz project manager ivory caost and Reps Mentor


I am Reps regional coach for region 6, since August 2016 for next six months / Reps and mentor / Tech community builder Côte d'Ivoire/ Womoz project manager Côte d'Ivoire / web redactor for Mozilla africa blog.

I like community cause, BRING TOGETHER and work together around a common goal !

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coding, mozilla webmaker, womoz, mozfr, mdn evangelists, air mozilla, nda, mozilla science lab


coaching, community builder, graphic design, html, lead mentor, mentoring, traduction


Taglizit, Tafransist

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  • André Reinald

    Manuela is an enthusiastic and very active supporter of the Mozilla project, organizing events and teaching the Open Web in Ivory Coast.

  • Michael Kohler

    Manuela is very involved in organizing events in Ivory Coast. She mostly focused on getting women into tech and on the Firefox OS marketing efforts there.

  • Flore Allemandou

    Manuela is a great mozillian living in Ivory coast, she already organized a few events to make people and especially women involved in open source and computer science.


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