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Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
10:55 Asia/Dhaka
IRC : #swapna

Asma Islam Swapna

Connected Device contributor, Regional Coordinator, FSA, WoMoz, SuMo


Hello everyone. This is Asma from Bangladesh, another tech geek and graduate student at Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University. Started engaging with Mozilla as a Firefox Student Ambassador and currently one of the Regional Coordinator of Mozilla Clubs from Bangladesh. I'm looking forward to contribute more.

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teaching & learning community, techspeakers


advanced computer networking, advanced python programming, data science, git, hibernate, java ee 5, javascript, network security, netwroking, rust, sqlite


Tabengalit, Taglizit

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  • Tanha Islam

    She being involved since late 2014, assisted in webmaker research team, regional coordinator of MLN, believes and helpes in women empowerment. Currently engaging female contributors in connected device track along in my team. Wonderful teammate, helps organizing fruitful events.

  • Ratul Minhaz

    Swapna is the geeky girl always talking about Mozilla and spreading the philosophy at her university. I hope she will become a great WoMoz one day!

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