Asenteḍ n tewlafin n imuẓilyanen

Ɣef imuẓilyanen

Mozillians are people who volunteer their time to advance the Mozilla mission. They're dedicated to promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web and they form the core of our community.

This directory is a resource to make it easy for Mozillians to learn who is involved, what they do and how to connect with them. It also allows you to receive email communications from Mozilla.

These features, and others, are currently in development. If you'd like to help us out with these, find out how you can get involved.

Tabaḍnit i d tamezwarut

Tudert tusligt d aḥric meqqren deg ukaram agi si tazwara. Nebɣa ad netbet d akken ad nesumer i yimuẓilyanen tarmit ifazen akken nezmer, seg ufeṣṣel n usmel arma d tadhelt n iseqdacen imaynuten send ad kecmen ɣer isefka ur keččmen wiyad ala imuqilyanen. Ugar n telɣut, Wali tasertit n tbaḍnit nneɣ.


Imedlis n tensa n tmezdagnut netta iman-is d asenfaṛ n tmezdagnut u tzemreḍ ad tettekkiḍ akken aɣ-d-mudded tallalt n usnerni yines neɣ akken ad yesleɣ akked ifecka nniḍen n tmezdagnut. Nmes-aɣ-d s s ugraw n imuẓilyanen akken ad teẓreḍ amek ara tebduḍ.

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