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David Ruiz

Firefox OS Developer Evangelist @ Telefónica Digital Brazil


I have 12+ years of professional experience for wide variety industries: music, retail, logistic, food and telecom.

Large experience developing backend solutions using from a simple framework like CodeIgniter to big projects and platforms using Zend, Drupal and Magento.

My big cases are: Firefox OS @ Telefónica Digital - Developer Evangelist (More than 1.000 student's reached)

Guia VIVO TV and BlueVia @ Telefónica Digital - Backend Developer using Node.JS

Rush Points, Mega Investidor and Casa do Saber @ Timepix - PHP with Magento and CodeIgniter

Specialties: - Firefox OS (B2G) using HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript; - Design and code critical web apps with Python + PHP + Node.js; - Project leading using Agile and Scrum; - Magento; - Drupal; - Others: Amazon AWS EC2 + S3, YUI, CSS3, HTML5, SEO, jQuery


apps, boot2gecko, web development, evangelism, labs, developers


arduino, aws, c sharp, firefox os, html5, javascript, mysql, nodejs, php, presentations, python


英語, スペイン語, Brazilian portuguese




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